Hey, whatever.

Hey, whatever.


I'm excited to help you get your story out in the world where it belongs. Our personal tales are so important to tell--especially if we're living lives full of adventure, rebellion, artistry, courage, and general bad-assery.

Whether this is a gift for yourself, your children or grandchildren, a loved one, or society at large, know that people want to hear about your exploits.

You don't have to be famous to take your place in history! Each of us has a unique perspective that will never come this way again, so let's make sure we don't lose it! You might even inspire, delight, or motivate some people to reach for their own best, authentic selves.

So, like, what kind of stories would I tell?

If only You'd known then.

If only You'd known then.

You may want to record the hilarious and ingenious bedtime tales your mother told you growing up, the mind-boggling story of your grandfather's wartime heroism, or your own epic saga of love, adventure, and ultimate triumph. Do you have a beloved teacher, friend, or relative whose unusual thoughts and ideas could help many? Maybe you have a wild perspective on a common theme, or...what about that time in India in the '70s? You know, that time with the thing.

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A little about me, the writer.

Customers have praised my writing style as authentic, fluid, natural, and even "magical." (Here are some samples of my story-writing work with a few clients.) My job is to make you sound like your best self while keeping it real. The process is down to earth, but yields phenomenal results. Most people don't realize how truly special and fascinating they are, but I get that across loud and clear.

As a professional writer since 1989, I've interviewed and written the stories of several Nobel Prize-winning scientists and many spiritual leaders, engineers, artists, teachers, physicians, and ingenious business owners. But they all have one thing in common: they want to preserve their place in history.

"Amanda is an amazing writer who can capture the soul or the essence of the person she is working with. Her beautiful spirit shines through, helping her clients stay focused and genuine during the interview process. Her engaging and natural writing style make you want to keep reading!"
-- Elena Anderson, biography client, Sunburst Sanctuary


Has anyone written your story? Has anyone shown you or your business off to the world?

If not, then you're right where you need to be!

Your story's worth telling. These days, people are craving real connection, honest and interesting stories, and authenticity in the businesses they patronize.

revolution is in the air

The days of the vast, impersonal big box stores are coming to an end. There's a revolution going on at the roots level right now in which increasingly conscious customers are demanding a more personal connection with the places where they spend their money.

Believe it or not, they want to know you! A short, slightly "raw," informal video you put out there to introduce people to your business is perhaps the most powerful tool you have to make that connection quickly and easily. Who would you rather go to: a dentist with a slick, corporate-looking website or one with a quick video talking about how much she loves her work and introducing her staff?

who knows you're a bad-ass?

Likewise, when we (finally!) get our fabulous life stories written down, there can be an invaluable deepening of our connection with our families and friends, while you give others a chance to learn from and be inspired by your adventures and exploits!

Contact me today for a free consultation and we'll get that project going. The world's waiting to hear what you have to say!

OK, ready? Here's how this works.

yes, I have a laptop.

yes, I have a laptop.

My writing process for this product is based on live interviews. I can interview you, or the recipient of your amazing gift, from anywhere that has Internet access or a phone line (wired in or cellular). I like to use Zoom for online meetings, though. It's simple and reliable, and I get to see your beautiful face!

This special, limited-time package includes up to 3 one-hour interviews. Once people get started, they usually remember more they want to add. Sometimes it just takes a while! I ask questions and provide prompts as appropriate to help get everything down and tease out all the most interesting details. Details are what bring the story to life!

just be your fabulous self!

just be your fabulous self!

During the interview, I'll also be taking lots of notes and recording audio to create a transcript of our conversation and make sure I have all the facts. (You can have the .mp4 track if you want.) My interviews are always fun and casual--nothing to be nervous about! It's like talking to an old friend.

Next, I'll write out our interviews into a flowing narrative, i.e., story. I may email, message, or call (your preference) to ask a few questions to clarify something. In 2-4 weeks, I'll send you a draft MS Word (.rtf) document for you to check over and make final changes to. If you're not comfortable with computers, we'll figure out an alternative. I'll make your edits and (upon receiving full payment) send you back a polished document that you'll own, to do with as you wish. (Limit one revision.)

yep. you heard that right!

yep. you heard that right!

That's awesome! But wait, how much?

I'm pleased to offer Call That Gal Media fans (you did like my Facebook page, right?!) a 50 percent discount on my usual fee of $999. That means your price on this unique, one-of-a-kind gift to yourself or another is only $499 for a short time. That's a crazy-low price for top-caliber, professional writing of this sort. So we both win!


What about publishing, though?


I can briefly guide you toward some of the many excellent and easy-to-use self-publishing services available online, or I can refer you to a terrific bookmaker I've worked with for many years. He does both print and e-books for self-publishers.

In addition, for only $199 more, I can typeset your final document in Adobe InDesign to prepare it for print with your specs.

Do you have graphics you want to include? Adding photographs to a story makes it much more lively and interesting. Insertion of 3-5 photos is part of this package. (Note: High-resolution, digital copies of original photos work best.)

our friendly digital handshake

our friendly digital handshake

Great! I'm ready to start. What now?

Hurray! Can't wait to work with you. The next step is to give me a call at 805-680-8541 or contact me here to set up a brief phone meeting. We'll make sure your project fits within the scope of this offer. If everything's good, I'll ask you to send me a $250 deposit via PayPal, a highly secure and popular e-commerce solution, so I can start work. Of course, you can also send a check or money order. Hey, I know you don't know me, so I have excellent references, available upon request.

Our operators are standing by!
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