Well, hey there, gorgeous!

Do you have a small business or an upcoming event that needs a personal touch so people can get excited and picture themselves buying your products, using your services, or inviting friends? Well, I'm really happy when I'm helping people be their best selves while they talk about what they love to do. Hey, maybe we should talk!

My Show Me Off package is the perfect, affordable way to get yourself out there in front of all the eyeballs searching for exactly what you have to offer. You've been meaning to do this for a while, right? Sometimes making a video like this is the difference between staying amateur and going pro. (Ask me how I know... :)


You can light people up!

OK, so you might be thinking, "Well, why would anyone want to watch me talk?" That's really common. Although let me tell you, my friend, you may not realize it, but if you've based your business on passion in any way, you. are. a. frickin. rockstar. Trust me on this.

I'm telling you, you've got what people want. And my job as your interviewer is to bring that out! Frankly, I'm pretty great at egging you into being your most fabulous, natural self on camera so you can clearly communicate what you have to offer. (If you're familiar with NPR's massively popular syndicated interview show "Fresh Air with Terry Gross," folks are comparing me to her. Yeah, I'll take that.)

Most entrepreneurs need help getting "out there"

Potential customers truly appreciate a chance to meet you (at least virtually) and connect with you a bit before giving you a call or stopping in. Ask my clients at The Budo Ryu and Dr. Niki Rarig, for instance (see excerpts below). Budo suffered from being perceived as a scary martial arts school and Dr. Rarig needed to educate people about naturopathic medicine and its many out-of-the-box benefits. It can be scary to consider being recorded, but the way I run interviews will relax you right away. Nothing is written in stone! Do-overs are a must, and a playful attitude is encouraged.

How Show Me Off works



If you decide to take this leap toward bringing your business into the light of day, we'll get together for a quick phone call so I can learn a little about you. If we agree to work together, we'll set up an appointment to do an audio or video interview at your business. It will help me (and you!) a ton if we speak directly to the kind of client/customer you're aiming at. We need that to get started.

There are a number of ways we can configure an interview, but for the most part I'll be asking questions to start a conversation. My interview style is informal, natural, sometimes funny, sometimes surprising, and always entertaining and informative.

Show Me Off interviews are digital products that are designed to be shared on your business's social media network and website. If you don't have those critical platforms set up, I strongly encourage you to put them in place while or before we work together, and then share the hell out of them as part of your marketing plan. (I can help with all that as well, although Write My Story and Show Me Off are my focuses here. There's always Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy--any number of cinchy online homes for your business.)

An important shift in advertising

don't let this happen to you!

don't let this happen to you!

Two important things here:

1) I don't believe in selling. It doesn't work. I do believe in the power of transferring your convictions in a way that others see the need to work with you or buy the thing you're selling. That's magic.

2) People are sooooo sick of slick. They're really craving authenticity, honesty, connection, and originality. The movement is (thank God!) toward a natural, meaningful approach: no fancy makeup, real clothes vs. "casual business attire," real emotional content and depth vs. "have a nice day," and actual personality vs. being a cookie cutter of Everyone Else.

I create my videos and podcasts with these concepts in mind. You will stand out!

I'm not fancy--just good.

I like to keep things simple, low-cost, low-stress, authentic, and fun, both in my life and my businesses. If you're the next version of Google or a new airline, I'd probably keep looking for a big-city ad agency that will cost you a year's gross and piss off the CEO.

However, if your business is new, needs a kick in the pants, or is expanding to include new services or items, Show Me Off is for you!

These are actual brass tacks.

These are actual brass tacks.

Yes, but how much is it?

Ah, I like you already! Let's get down to the proverbial brass tacks. For the smokin' hot price of just $499, I'm offering 5 new customers a Show Me Off package that will include either a 30-60-minute audio MP3 interview or a 5-7-minute MP3 video interview. Both are great for promoting your business, but depending on your customers, one might be better than another. We can talk about that.

The stuff I use

To shoot video, I use a new Moto G4 16G smartphone. It does a way better job with audio and visual than all but elite digital camcorders. I'm in love with it! I have two 85-watt natural spectrum soft box lights, a good tripod, a lavaliere (clip-on mic), and a digital stereo recorder. I use the amazing Wondershare digital suite for photo and video editing. I use Spotify for the 16-hour jazz-dominated playlist I usually put on during editing phases of projects. :)

pink phone.png

Cool, what's next?

The next step is to give me a call at 805-680-8541 or contact me here to set up a brief phone meeting. We'll make sure your project fits within the scope of this offer, and see if we need to do a Zoom remote interview. If everything's good, I'll ask you to send me a $250 deposit via PayPal, a highly secure and popular e-commerce solution, so I can start work. Of course, you can also send a check or money order. Hey, I know you don't know me, so I have excellent references, available upon request.


Thanks for reading! Now go get your phone and call me at 805-680-8541 (PST).
Our operators are standing by! Lol, kidding. It's just me.

Recent excerpts

Geri and Eric sandahl with miles the dog at  the budo ryu

Geri and Eric sandahl with miles the dog at the budo ryu

This one was a particular blast. The excerpt here is part of the story of how the martial arts school came into being.

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denz feeding people in the park

denz feeding people in the park

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